We did Family Yoga for 40 Days - Our 6 Takeaways

We did Family Yoga for 40 days in a row!  

Why did we do Family Yoga for 40 days in a row?  
Our practice had slid off the radar for a few years, and we wanted to build it back as a habit.  My husband Rene and I both trained as Kundalini Yoga teachers.  I did it in 2013 and he did it in 2014. It was a huge part of the formation of our little family of four.  I nursed our 10 month old son throughout my teacher training, and then was surprised to become pregnant with my daughter during the last three months of training.  Here's a photo of me 8 months pregnant at my training graduation.  

Rene did his training while we had a one month old newborn.  We both felt like it improved us as parents and was crucial to our family even though it was a financial and time commitment.  

This photo is of Rene doing his teacher training.  

It was such a loving and supportive community to build a family within.  Kundalini yoga...

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