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Ready to make your family yoga practice a reality?

Be With Me is an online learning program for conscious families who want to start and sustain a meaningful and connected family yoga practice. The experience is designed and led by Lumina, René, Georgio and Shalom. 

What can "Be With Me" do for you?

My first promise to you is that you and your partner and kids will do yoga together for 7 days .  I give you a step-by-step plan to make it real, and examples of real kids doing it to inspire your real kids to do it too!
Consistent family practice takes clarity.  Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be frustrating.  Be With Me will center you, give you a template  and save you from giving up.  I'm going to coach you, encourage you, hold space for you and see you through to your intention.  We will do this together.  

By the end of this program, you will have:

  • Practiced yoga and meditation together as a family several times with an easy, engaging framework that sets you up for consistent practice (instead of spending another year just thinking about it)
  • Held space for your own grownup Kundalini Yoga practice to make sure you are cared for before meeting the needs of your family.  
  • Confidently prepared to lead your family yoga practice (even if you have never taught yoga in your entire life)
  • Had a yoga date with your partner and clarified your family intentions for this season of your lives
  • Created a family ritual for connecting on good and bad days, and built confidence in every family member to take a turn leading yoga in a structure that gets your partner involved and your whole family bonding at a soul level


  • Had a healthy season that balanced wild fun and abandon with self-care, mental health, and a slowed-down moment to witness, breathe in and appreciate your family as it changes and evolves with rapid speed 

But above all else, Be With Me will give you the space to finally bring family yoga into your home 


“As Lumina’s children’s yoga mentor, I’ve often marveled at her appropriate name. She not only shines a bright light herself, she illuminates the world of family yoga with playful, powerful yoga videos that feature her own darling family. Lumina makes it so easy…her short easy-to-follow videos of joyful family yoga and meditation will transform you and your family—guaranteed!”

Shakta Khalsa
Founder Radiant Child Yoga





"I count Lumina as one of my close spiritual guides and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a practice of peace and connection with their loved ones."

Katie McAuliffe
Working Mom of three kids, ages 5, 3 and 8 months



“Lumina is a gifted teacher. She is able to seamlessly combine her experiences as a mother, yogini, artist and educator into her classes and programs. When teaching, she is inclusive, respectful, and sensitive to a diversity of needs.  Lumina busts out at the seems with joy for life and her presence elevates all those around her!”

Siri Bani
Founder of Kundalini Yoga Brattleboro and You Go Girl Yoga


“ Lumina has taught my son at yoga camp, and it is one of his highlights of the Summer! After spending time with her, my son is inspired and encouraged to
share his breathing and mindfulness techniques with the family. He loves the songs and games and it makes him feel grounded...I can tell. 
As a yoga teacher myself, it is so nice to have someone else's perspective and tools at hand to share with my children, rather than it always coming from me. Lumina has a gift to share, with such positivity, with focus+fun, so the whole family feels supported. We love it and will continue to find Lumina's light and encouragement for years to come”

Jenn Pici Falk, Yoga mama and Author of Lunar Love Flow


“Lumina is a calm and creative teacher, with a sincere and strong commitment to developing the physical and emotional health of those in her classes and strengthening relationships within families. She creates a joyful and supportive atmosphere where kids and adults feel comfortable trying new things.”

Mas and Walter
Parents of two kids ages 7 and 5




What It's Like To Have A Family Yoga Practice

Having a family yoga practice is a powerful way to slow down, BE PRESENT (and create a more peaceful planet).

It’s what’s allowed me space personally to grow into my own unique Self, and to discover gratitude and a deep breath, even in the midst of the chaos of motherhood, and our busy city life.  Doing yoga together means FAMILY SELF-CARE.  

Unlike other types of online yoga practices trying to involve kids that have fake actors, or cartoon characters, commercial products, and hyped-up, overstimulating, bright colors and noise, this course is simple, slow, deep and based on profound Kundalini Yoga and Radiant Child Yoga ancient yogic tools, with real parents, in a real tiny city condo, with real, silly active young children.   
This one is for us. 
The regular people. 
We are not sculpted elite yogis doing pretzel shapes.  My arms jiggle and my husband has to bend his knees in downward dog.  We are middle aged, working parents, raising small kids while taking care of aging parents, working through our childhood traumas, fighting for the American Dream, stressed and still committed to our goals, like you. 
We think yoga and meditation are necessary for us to keep it together and go to the next level of thriving, so we keep doing it and want to share it with the planet.
It's more fun in community with other families. 
We would be so honored if you let us into your living room to be with you.  

We want you to know that this yoga practice frees you to live life on your own terms as an intentional family. 
You might have been been told that you are dreaming too big, that you're too sensitive, that parenting is just always going to be a slog.   
But you know there are golden-diamond moments there under the exhaustion and loud voices. 
And you want to be present for them. 
We are saying you CAN be present, and you get those golden-diamond moments. 
They are YOURS.  

When you have a family yoga practice, you have a space to be together in that analog way things used to be when we were kids and no one was looking down at phones.  
Life is speeding by and yoga together gives us permission to press pause and breathe it in.  
Best of all the peacefulness from your practice together becomes a contribution to peace on our planet.  Now that is good stuff.

What's Inside Be With Me


Introduction to the Journey

We’re gonna start with the end in mind.

We will kick this party off with some mindset magic – getting clear and centered on my promises to you for our time together.  Let's set your intention to take action.   I will present you with a clear step-by-step daily action plan for your family. 


  • Your Transformative Results
  • Be With Me Framework and 7 Days of Practice Plan
  • Kundalini Yoga, Radiant Child Yoga, Montessori philosophy
  • Family Yoga Calendar Printout


Individual Practice

"I'm starting with the man in the mirror" (should be person in the mirror, really right?)

You will begin this journey by going inside of yourself and checking out what’s happening there. Both parents take this day to find their own separate private spots to be alone and connect to themselves. Spend this day centering and connecting to WHY you want to connect with your child and create this family ritual. Connect with your highest self and let it lead you. 


  • Printable PDF for writing down your intentions.
  • Videos of a short Kundalini yoga practice for you
  • Permission to pause and be alone!  :) 


Couple Practice

Because we are better together

This is a day to have a Be With Me yoga date with your partner! Now parents get to find a private spot for the two of them to practice together.  Make it nice. Light some candles, have some dark chocolate or whatever is a treat for you.  Maybe start with a little hand massage for each other?  Do Kundalini Yoga together and a special couples meditation.  In that good vibe share your WHY with your partner and create a united version of your family goals. Get aligned and connected to your shared intention.  If you don’t have a partner, enjoy one more date in the good company of your beautiful partner within - your Self.


  • A video to lead you through couples Kundalini Yoga practice and a couples medtiation.
  • Share your personal intentions with your partner and create a unified family intention 
  • Spend time savoring and loving each other without distraction
  • Build a couples mind/body ritual you can return to whenever you need to reconnect at a soul level
  • Model a conscious relationship for your children (they will sense your connection)


Family Practice Preparation

Get Familiar

We want to prepare the environment for a great family yoga experience.  Get familiar with the basic structure, poses and meditations so you will be a confident and safe guide for your child and family. There are videos to guide you. When you feel ready, make an invitation to your child.  


  • 4 videos of short family yoga routines led by each member of the family
  • Mini Kids Yoga Teacher Training
  • 1 Full-length Family Yoga routine led by Lumina
  • Tools for Family Yoga Success Guidelines


Family Practice In Action

Now that the stage is set, it's time to take action and get on the mats as a family.  

Let's do this.  Growth Mindset will be key, we want this to be enjoyable for everyone.  

First up, a parent leads.  I share my best wisdom from 15 years of teaching to empower you as a teacher.  

Next, a kid leads!  It's magical, sit back and watch them shine.  

Finally, after completing 7 days of Family Yoga together, it is time to CELEBRATE! 

Then don't let the momentum stop, find more conscious community around you to keep this new Yoga Family Identity going strong.   

Look at you, sending ripples of peace out into our planet.  


  • Mindset:  Being a Perfect Parent vs. Being a Good Enough Parent; Growth Mindset for being patient with ourselves and our kids
  • A Parent Leads  Soak up what I share from 15 years of experience as a teacher, for how to hold the space and engage kids and grownups for their best experience and maximum success.  
  • A Kid Leads.  Guidelines for how to sit back and give kids safe responsibility to hold the yoga space as a teacher.  
  • How to bust through blocks, resistance, and tension, to make family yoga a bonding experience every time.  
  • Coaching for how to keep your momentum going by finding more conscious community in your area.  

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Keep the Good Vibes Going All Summer Long

  • Bonus 1: Including Children with Sensory Differences in Your Family Yoga Practice By Dr. Sarah Gigante, PT, DPT, ERYT-200
    Using the postures in this module to create a family yoga practice will present the opportunity for you to  meet your child where their senses are and offer them the opportunity to find common ground with the other members of their family. 
  • Bonus 2: Accupressure Foot Massage for Kids - Bedtime and Chillout Massage Technique from Acupuncturist Lisa Borg Anderson 
    Adding a foot massage to your child's bedtime routine will create a time to connect, share and most importantly model how to unwind. 
  • Bonus 3: Relaxing Ear Massage for Children by Acupuncturist Lisa Borg Anderson The ears are a micro system of acupuncture and that means that it can treat the whole body.  Using both hands we will massage both ears at the same time. It is very relaxing and can be considered a full treatment alone. 


Questions people asked before saying YES to Be With Me

Well, then you're perfect for this program!  Because you are looking for ways to create more spaciousness in your schedule and more presence with your family when life is so busy.  This program gives you permission to pause, to mitigate some of the stress of being so busy, and holds space for you to take good care of each other.  It is a very small time commitment.  The five modules are only 1 hour each, moving from Kundalini Yoga and Radiant Child yoga foundations, to your personal practice, then a couple practice with your partner, to finally inviting your children into the container for practice and mindfulness that you have created.  I ask you to do 7 consecutive days of this practice, and then move into your own rhythm for when family yoga works for your crew.  The videos are 8-15 minutes long.  Very short, easy, doable, practical.  So time will now be on your side, supporting you and your intentions to be connected and grounded and at peace in your home.  

Kundalini Yoga is a version of the most popular yoga, which is Hatha yoga.  Since Hatha is the physical practice of yoga, the physical poses of Kundalini yoga are taken from Hatha. The biggest difference is that Kundalini yogis incorporate mantras and breathing exercises with physical poses. This combination of different aspects of yoga is called a "kriya," which means "action."  
Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness and was brought to the West by the Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan.  It is a spiritual kind of yoga but it is not a religion, it is simply a way to be your truest self.  Kundalini Yoga helps you be you.  So anyone can do it, and you don't have to convert to it, it's a complement to whatever belief system you already have.  The best way to understand Kundalini Yoga is to experience it.  The mantras are powerful ways to clear the mind.  Kirtan Kriya has been studied by medical research and shown to have significant effects on the blood flow and health of the brain.  

We have active independent silly kids too.  What we have found works with them is to give them the chance to lead the family yoga sessions, with guidelines.  Maria Montessori calls this, "Freedom Within Limits".  In our practice videos, you will see our kids leading a class, which I think will inspire your kids to want to see if they can do it too.  

I keep hearing this question and I've sat with it in my heart.  Here is what I know to be true.  If you are feeling drawn to family yoga, and have the wish to have your partner join in the good vibes, you are in the right place.  Your partner is a free agent and needs to choose this themselves, but your vibration will also draw them into a family practice.  That's how it worked for me and my crew.  I followed my bliss and at first I was the only one waking up early to do morning sadhana and chanting mantras and wearing white more often (Yogi Bhajan said it expands your aura).  And after a while of being true to my practice, my husband started getting interested.  But he had never done any yoga before in his life, was very unflexible, and very left brained.  Why did he start?  I opened my throat chakra and made an invitation to him to join me.  I meditated on it, chanted on it, and told him the wish in my heart.  And after a while, he joined in.  He even eventually did his own Kundalini Teacher training, so he could have his own experience of a deep practice and sitting with powerful teachers.  
Now on days that he gets way overstressed with work and email and the budget (that's his favorite stressland) I will invite him to stand up from the computer, and come sit on my mat, and meditate it out with me.  He's usually resistant at first, but soon comes over and surrenders to the sanctuary within, and releases a lot of his tension.  Kundalini Yoga taps into our creative power within us.  He knows he gets better ideas for work (he is a Global Manager for Customer Care at Deltek) and he helps his brain recover from the stress he has felt all day.  
Then, if he's really off the bandwagon, the most powerful way to help him join the party, is when my kids ask him to come do yoga with us.  When they ask him to be with them, and "to look at me with you whole face, no phone", he always melts into it.  
If you are reading this section carefully because this is you at your house, and you want your partner to come into the healing circle of yoga and meditation, I'm extending a warm hand to you and saying, "I hold space for that with you."  It will happen.  I've seen it and I know your deep wish for that is already aligning the Universe in your direction.  Joining Be With Me will give you more support as you hold that peaceful loving intention for your family and the planet. 

Of course :) When you enroll today during this special promotional period, you’ll get lifetime access to: The FULL Be With Me Program with access to all 5 video modules, pdfs, lesson plans, teaching tips, and every tool you need to help family yoga flow. You will all get access to my 8 step-by-step videos to ensure you know exactly how to implement every step of the way.  Plus a Private FB Group for you to have access to me, and community with other high-vibe families that are doing what you are doing, for sharing wins, asking for advice, planning family yoga local meetups, getting support and holding accountability.  Weekly Coaching Q&A Sessions with me every Sunday through the summer to troubleshoot any issues and give you lots of good vibes and encouragement.  

Bonus #1: Including Children with Sensory Differences in Your Family Yoga Practice By Dr. Sarah Gigante, PT, DPT, ERYT-200
Using the postures in this module to create a family yoga practice will present the opportunity for you to meet your child where their senses are and offer them the opportunity to find common ground with the other members of their family.  

Bonus #2: Accupressure Foot Massage for Kids - Bedtime and Chillout Massage Technique from Acupuncturist Lisa Borg Anderson 
Adding a foot massage to your child's bedtime routine will create a time to connect, share and most importantly model how to unwind. 

Bonus #3: Bonus 3: Relaxing Ear Massage for Children by Acupuncturist Lisa Borg Anderson The ears are a micro-system of acupuncture and that means that it can treat the whole body.  Using both hands we will massage both ears at the same time. It is very relaxing and can be considered a full treatment alone.  After you massage your kids, you can let them practice their healing hands on you! 
The Opening Ceremony for Be With Me Summer 2019 is online Sunday June 9th.

Yep! I'm giving you a full 14 days to put the Be With Me plan into action before making a final commitment. If you do the work and decide this course is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment. 

I personally cannot wait to do yoga with you and your family

Practicing Kundalini Yoga with my family has literally transformed my life.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you've been feeling the tug to begin a family yoga practice in your home, to be more intentional at home, here is what you asked for!  I made this for YOU.    

This practice give spaciousness — space to be present to your family and our planet as the ripple effects of your peaceful, grounded connection go out into the world.  

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next weeks together will be completely life changing for you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you inside Be With Me
I look forward to Being with You.



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