Be With Me

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Join a Community of Families Who Are Committed to Connection

Be With Me not only shows you exactly how to create your family yoga practice — but how to keep practicing for a connected and  intentional family culture 

Take my hand, and together we will help you:

  • Practice yoga and meditation together as a family easily with a simple  framework that gives you stress relief any time you need it 
  • Make time and space to do your own Kundalini Yoga practice so you are grounded and then your family can ground through you 
  • Learn how to lead your family in yoga, and empower each member of your family to lead as well
  • Have a yoga date with your partner and create your intentional family culture
  • Meditate for 40 days straight


  • Enjoy a healthy Grounded and Intentional Holiday Season full of self-care and  playful connection

But above all else, Be With Me will give you a way to get rid of toxic stress

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The Power of Family Yoga

Amy has 4 kids of her own and added two foster care brothers to the mix this summer. They used family yoga to help everyone get connected to each other in our Be With Me summer cohort. 
She writes: "Two miracles today: first, I'm on my own with the six kids tonight and THEY got out the yoga mats without being asked and then we had a really great family yoga and meditation session!..... Miracle #2 is that Little Brother who is VERY particular about physical touch and generally does not like to be touched or hugged, asked me to rub his back! And then he said it felt so nice he wanted to just fall asleep right there. Meditation is magic. "

This post is a precious example of yoga and meditation opening hearts and bodies to connection and relaxation. If you want more of this kind of vibe in your house come join us in Be With Me Family Yoga

Listen to these stories of Families who have cleared stress with Be With Me

"I am not sure if my kids are just getting easier or if it is the meditating everyday that is making it easier to parent. Either way I will take it. I feel like I used to yell all the time in frustration and now I feel like I almost never yell.  Life is getting easier! "

Melissa, Yoga Teacher, Mom of 2
"I’ve been meditating every day, thanks to a group of encouraging mamas who are also in Lumina's wonderful, family yoga program, and it has made such a difference in my level of patience and peace."

Amy, Homeschooling Mother of 4 + 2 foster care kids
"My eight year old daughter loved watching your kids do yoga.  Now she teaches others how to do it and is happy to join me when she sees me on my mat. "
- Maribel, Attorney, Mother of 2



“As Lumina’s children’s yoga mentor, I’ve often marveled at her appropriate name. She not only shines a bright light herself, she illuminates the world of family yoga with playful, powerful yoga videos that feature her own darling family. Lumina makes it so easy…her short easy-to-follow videos of joyful family yoga and meditation will transform you and your family—guaranteed!”

Shakta Khalsa
Founder Radiant Child Yoga





"I count Lumina as one of my close spiritual guides and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find a practice of peace and connection with their loved ones."

Katie McAuliffe
Working Mom of three kids, ages 5, 3 and 8 months



“Lumina is a gifted teacher. She is able to seamlessly combine her experiences as a mother, yogini, artist and educator into her classes and programs. When teaching, she is inclusive, respectful, and sensitive to a diversity of needs.  Lumina busts out at the seems with joy for life and her presence elevates all those around her!”

Siri Bani
Founder of Kundalini Yoga Brattleboro and You Go Girl Yoga


“ Lumina has taught my son at yoga camp, and it is one of his highlights of the Summer! After spending time with her, my son is inspired and encouraged to
share his breathing and mindfulness techniques with the family. He loves the songs and games and it makes him feel grounded...I can tell. 
As a yoga teacher myself, it is so nice to have someone else's perspective and tools at hand to share with my children, rather than it always coming from me. Lumina has a gift to share, with such positivity, with focus+fun, so the whole family feels supported. We love it and will continue to find Lumina's light and encouragement for years to come”

Jenn Pici Falk, Yoga mama and Author of Lunar Love Flow


“Lumina is a calm and creative teacher, with a sincere and strong commitment to developing the physical and emotional health of those in her classes and strengthening relationships within families. She creates a joyful and supportive atmosphere where kids and adults feel comfortable trying new things.”

Mas and Walter
Parents of two kids ages 7 and 5




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