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I teach families how to shift their homes from stress to sanctuary for more connection with Self and loved ones


Less Stress, More Connection

The Power of Family Yoga

Amy has 4 kids of her own and added two foster care brothers to the mix this summer. They used family yoga to help everyone get connected to each other in our Be With Me summer cohort.
She writes: "Two miracles today: first, I'm on my own with the six kids tonight and THEY got out the yoga mats without being asked and then we had a really great family yoga and meditation session!..... Miracle #2 is that Little Brother who is VERY particular about physical touch and generally does not like to be touched or hugged, asked me to rub his back! And then he said it felt so nice he wanted to just fall asleep right there. Meditation is magic. "

This post is a precious example of yoga and meditation opening hearts and bodies to connection and relaxation. If you want more of this kind of vibe in your house come join us in Be With Me Family Yoga


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Hello! – welcome.  I’m Lumina, and this is my partner Rene, and my kids Georgio and Shalom.  
Yoga unites us.  
But it hasn't been easy cultivating a yoga practice together.  We have stuck it out through lots of whining, complaining and frustration.
The thing that bridges the gap between doing yoga together once then giving up in frustration or continuing until it's part of your family culture, is having compassionate support along the way. 
Hundreds of parents have asked me how they can bring the yoga I teach, home with them. 
Here's my answer, in a convenient online space that you can access at home on your own schedule rather than shlepping across town to a studio.  
Don't give up on mindfulness and yoga at home. 
We can do it together.    
You and your kids deserve time to slow down, connect and relieve stress together.

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